Tyler Posey Takes On A Murderous 'Giving Tree' For 'Funny Or Die' [Video]


We all know "The Giving Tree" as a lovely story about the unconditional love an apple tree has for his human friend, but what if that tree got fed up after his bud sold all of his fruit and, instead of waiting to be whittled down to a stump, fought back and went on a killing spree? Well, for those of you who read Shel Silverstein's book as a kid and thought the kid's greedy ways were a bunch of crap, Tyler Posey's new "Funny or Die" video will be a satisfying watch. The "Teen Wolf" Nemeton has nothing on "The Giving Tree"-gone-rogue!

In the fake horror movie trailer below, the tree, who sounds like he's been ignoring Smokey the Bear's anti-cigarette advisories, says "They took my leaves; they took my fruit. But when they came for my trunk, I knew it was time to give HELLLLLL." TyPo, who plays the lead boy, realizes his grave and gluttonous mistake and spends the majority of the scene running away from his former personal lumber yard. It's too bad super powers can't cross genres. We bet the boy could use some help from Scott McCall's claws right about now. A quick warning: There's one small obscenity (watch your mouth, Tyler!).

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