'Teen Wolf' Snackables: Deucalion Makes Ms. Morrell Into His Personal Dartboard [GIF]

If you've mastered the art of shielding your eyes through gruesome movie or TV scenes, you are hereby out of luck. The Internet's GIF phenomenon means there's no more squinting until it's over -- because it never is! -- and each week, we'll put the most dry heave-inducing "Teen Wolf" moments on loop, just in time for lunch. So grab hold of that bib and enjoy our latest "Teen Wolf" Snackable!


Leftovers from this weekend's barbecue calling your name? Fear not, friends! To avoid those end-of-summer binges, we're serving up the latest gory "Teen Wolf" GIF, in which straight-shooter Deucalion goes all target-practice on Ms. Morrell's chest. Bet that kebab you were jonesing for doesn't look so appealing now, does it?

On the most recent episode, Ms. Morrell stopped the encroaching Alpha Pack with an expertly placed ring of mountain ash, but that tired ol' trick only got her so far. When she urged Scott, from within the safety circle, to press Deucalion about the truth behind his treatment of the pack, Duke retaliated by tossing his sharp cane at her, stabbing right under her collar bone. Scott managed to save the day and pull it out, but we've gotta be honest, it didn't look too comfy. Consider investing in a chest plate, Morrell.

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