Panhandle Problems: Rob Dedicates A 'Ridiculousness' Reel To Florida Follies [Sneak Peek]


When relentless warm weather, miles of beaches and Mickey Mouse are your home state's watermarks, it's tough to find fault with Florida, but after Rob Dyrdek and his "Ridiculousness" gang take a more critical look at the Southeastern state, it might quickly become the last place you'd like to find yourself. In the sneak peek of Thursday night's all-new episode below, Rob takes a pass at the wackier side of the Sunshine State, and with gators and suicidal fish galore, we're thinking of changing our vacation plans. Who's up for skiing in the Alps?

In "Probably Florida," the Red Couch Crew sits back, relaxes and watches idiocy that most likely went down in the panhandle. "Workaholics"' Eddie Barbanell, a proud Floridian, lends his expertise on the matter, but even he isn't sure why one bold (or psychotic...) man uses his own hand to bait an alligator. "What the f**k is he doing?!" Eddie says, stunned. Hard to say, friend, but he's probably not any worse off than the off-roading minivan that collides with a palm tree. Oh, Florida!

Check out the clip below, and tune in for more antics Thursday night at 10/9c!

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