'Ain't That America' Fans Caption Chris Distefano's Family Jewels Making Juice [Photo]



Each week, we release a snapshot of the upcoming "Ain't That America" on social media, giving fans a chance to chime in with their own witty captions. However, we need you guys more than ever this time around, because Chris Distefano's testicular-dipping antics have managed to leave us at a complete loss for words. The image above of what appears to be the "Guy Code" talking head happily planting his blurred junk into a bowl of grapes among wine barrels is just TOO MUCH. We know Carly Aquilino's the coolest girlfriend ever, but we bet she wouldn't go anywhere near some vino tainted with her BF's balls.

Though the cat's got our tongues on this matter worthy of FDA involvement, you guys sure had a lot to say! Check out the best fan-submitted captions and add yours to the comments. Plus, find out what perpetuated these "Grapes of Wrath" tonight at 11:30p/10:30c on MTV2!


"Gotta get the #junk in there for the [secret] flavor....'D'evine Wine'" -- Screwz A.

"Would you like some [fromunda] cheese with that wine?" -- Cody H.

"It's made from all natural ingredients including the stirring d**k" -- Veronica O.

"He's really giving it a hand....." -- Johnnie F.


"It adds texture" -- jessicaperson223

"Wine with a touch of nuts" -- mexicanos_be_like

"Making sure you get your daily supply of vitamin D ;)" -- big_poppy_v


"That's his special brew" -- @Sh4d0w471

"All this wine is driving me nuts!" -- @WhaleyTweeted

"lumber-jerk" -- @Here4_4Reasons

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