The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Shows Their Softer Side With Some Love For A$AP Rocky [Video]


A$AP Rocky performing.

Nice? Friendly? Polite? These adjectives are hardly what we'd use to describe the typically crass "Wild 'N Out" cast, but tonight's guest may have actually helped the comics turn over a new leaf. Unlike Kevin Hart (who got a whole lotta hate) and Vinny Guadagnino (who couldn't even get recognition), there's something about A$AP Rocky that brings out the softer side of our rambunctious bunch.

In the backstage clip below, Karlous Miller admits he's super pumped to work with the "F**kin' Problems" rapper with an excitement we'd only expect from him if Nick finally offered up a movie role. "I don't know why --  he's just a cool dude," he says, before realizing his affinity for A$AP may come down to one shared interest. "And he likes white girls! I feel like we got a lot in common." Later, Corey Holcomb offers up the most pleasant warning we've ever seen on the show. "A$AP Rocky, we're looking forward to entertaining you negatively on 'Wild 'N Out,'" he says. A friendly caution is all well and good now, but let's hope they put on their game faces before tonight's show, or A$AP is going to wipe the floor with 'em!

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Photo: Paul A. Hebert/ Getty Images