Is A$AP Rocky More Fly Than 'Wild 'N Out''s Nick Cannon? [Sneak Peek]


Tomorrow night's "Wild 'N Out" guest, A$AP Rocky, didn't even flinch backstage at the thought of facing off against the game's crudest comics, and judging by this sneak peek, he had no reason to! A$AP's confidence was right on the money, because the Black Team certainly brought their A game to the "WNO" stage. No "F**kin' Problems" here, folks!

In the clip below, Nick Cannon introduces a game called So Fly, in which each teammate has to step up to the mic and cleverly explain why their captain is more fly than the opposing team's. Battle rapper Conceited, who knows a thing or two about being boastful (the man's name is a synonym for cocky), comes center stage to share why he thinks A$AP is better than Nick. "My man A$AP Rocky is so fly...Mariah said, 'I wish I was married to a REAL rapper like you!'" Better get some salve for that burn, Nick. And while making fun of the host's music career and spouse isn't exactly new territory, we bet a two-for-one shot stings more than most. Brush it off, bud. Brush it off!

Check out the clip, and watch A$AP Rocky on "Wild 'N Out," Tuesday night at 11p/10c on MTV2!

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