Alex Sekella Of 'Teen Mom 3' Takes Arabella On A Trip Fit For A Disney Princess [Photos]


Arabella channels the arguable OG of Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse.

Alex Sekella's little girl, Arabella, isn't unused to the royal treatment (remember that crown she sported as a pool-party princess?), but it's about time she became acquainted with her fellow nobility! Cue the trumpets and roll out the red carpet, Lady Arabella has arrived to...Disney World! Your royal subjects await, your highness.

Over the weekend, the "Teen Mom 3" mommy-daughter duo hit up the Floridian wonderland and little Arabella -- dressed like her Disney namesake, Belle, from "Beauty and the Beast" -- made the rounds, hobnobbing with the likes of each member of the royal Orlando family she could find. Between Cinderella and Ariel, Arabella made sure to take some time out with each of her princess predecessors, and Alex has the snapshots to back up the royal discussions. While the status of their talks remains super top-secret, we can guess the topics included future pool-party planning with The Little Mermaid, glass slipper etiquette with Cinderella and hair care with Rapunzel.

Check out all the cute pics, below!


Cinderella and Arabella have very important royal business to attend to.


Arabella still has a ways to go to get her hair to Rapunzel's length!


Arabella with her aunt Arielle and The Little Mermaid, also Ariel!

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Photos courtesy of Alex Sekella's Instagram