Want To Know More About The 'Teen Mom 3' Tots? Check Out These Baby Bio Cards!


Clockwise from top left: Nova, Gannon, Arabella and Molli.

Only a couple of weeks stand between us and the "Teen Mom 3" premiere, and while the trailer for the upcoming series promises enough mama drama and tears to fill a swimming pool, we'd be remiss not to take note of the four adorable beacons of hope and happiness that'll light up our TV screens all the same. You may want to start curbing your sugar intake now, because the new "Teen Mom 3" tots are nothing short of cavity-inducing. Consider yourself warned!

While Mackenzie, Katie, Briana and Alex's babies have already been introduced to you through their moms' social media musings -- like Nova's diva-in-training 'tude and Gannon's ever-changing style -- there's still plenty left to learn about these rugrats. To clue in to everything from their favorite cartoons, colors and books to their preferred nicknames, check out the bio cards for Nova, Molli, Gannon and Arabella, below! And for a refresher course on all the new members of the "Teen Mom" family, don't miss tonight's "Teen Mom 3" catch-up special at 11/10c on MTV.

Katie Yeager's daughter, Molli


The color lellow is going to be all the rage this fall.

Briana Dejesus' daughter, Nova


Nova's 1D dance video was a big hit -- let's hope for a Taylor Swift follow-up!

Alex Sekella's daughter, Arabella


Bellie's penchant for everything pink, purple and princess makes it easy to believe Barbies are her number one toy.

Mackenzie Douthit's son, Gannon


While Gannon's quite the style chameleon, his favorite color lets us know he's an outdoorsy boy at heart.

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Graphics: Brittney Carlson