Here Is Snooki Making Amends With The Seagulls She Once Scorned [Video]


For all the cynics out there, let Snooki serve as proof that the worst of today's bad blood can be tomorrow's love story. The former "Jersey Shore" tenant and aspiring veterinarian once shelved her love of animals to scream at a flock of unwelcome seagulls, but now, it seems Nicole and the majestic creatures are back in each other's good graces. So phone up that estranged parent or have a powwow with that friend who wronged you: TODAY'S THE DAY TO BURY THE HATCHET!

"Do you guys know Nemo?!" Nicole shouts to a few drifting gulls in the Instagram clip below. Unconvinced her sudden kindness is sincere, the birds snub her, still sore from the tongue-lashing they'd received from her last year. Nicole's not dissuaded from making peace, though, and after continued attempts to break down the wall that remains between them, Snooks finally makes some progress. "I wish I was a bird," she concludes to a gull opposite her on the pier. Time heals all wounds, friends.

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