That's What You Said...About Which 'Teen Wolf' Bad Guy Will Reign Supreme


The battle of good versus evil is antiquated -- these days, it's dark against dark; wicked against wicked. On the most recent "Teen Wolf," Jennifer and Deucalion put equal amounts of strain on Beacon Hills -- the former has rounded up three of the town's most beloved parents with plans to sacrifice them, and the latter derives a sick pleasure from watching leaders kill their own soldiers. The one consolation Scott and his friends have is that both Jen and Duke would kill one another given the who will ultimately rise up, and which of these two will fall?

We asked the question, and "Teen Wolf" fans jumped at the chance to share theories on Remote Control and Facebook. Take a look at what some had to say below, see if your opinion matches up with any, and if not, hit us with your best shot in the comments section below!

Remote Control:

"I think both will lose in the end. And remember how Scott tricked Grandpa Argent last season, guys? I think something similar is gonna go on here." -- Allison<3

"I'm pretty sure that Deucalion is winning because if you remember what Ms. Morrell said, Deucalion is ten steps ahead while Scott is still thinking of what to do next." -- Datkidkai22

"Scott will finally turn into the True Alpha, but after the lunar eclipse when Jennifer defeats Deucalion." -- StevenC


"Jennifer, 'cause werewolves lose their power on the lunar eclipse." -- Athan S.

"Scott is on Deucalion's side so currently Deucalion is the mightiest!" -- Daquan D.

"I think Jennifer is. I was tired of her ditzy teacher portrayal, but I love her now! Deucalion has the pack doing his bidding. No backbone, in my opinion." -- Dach P.

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