Here It Is: The 'Hills' Finale You Never Saw, In All Its Glory! [Video]


Do Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad drive off a cliff in solidarity? Are we in for the triumphant return of one Stephen Colletti? "The Hills" finale you never saw is FINALLY HERE, friends, and it's quite a humdinger. Not since Heidi 3.0 made her fresh-faced debut in Colorado has something given us these types of shivery chills. We aren't worthy!

When the show first ended in 2010, K-Cav was en route to the airport after deciding to get an overseas respite from the hectic Los Angeles. After she and on-again/off-again boyfriend Brody Jenner finally said goodbye, the cameras receded into what we finally realized was a staged set, and fans were left wondering...was it ALL completely fake? Some thought it was a fun twist, and others felt cheated, but now, we've got something that'll make the closure feel more concrete: THE RETURN OF LAUREN CONRAD.

Below, LC takes one more pass at her old stomping grounds. Check out how she shakes things up in the first clip, compare this ending to the original jaw-dropper underneath and tell us in the comments which you prefer!

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