Check Out Some Behind-The-Scenes Pics From The Upcoming 'Catfish' Mid-Season Reunion


Though we're only about halfway through Season 2 of "Catfish," the new crop of online love-hopefuls Nev and Max brought together IRL has already led to some shocking surprises. We've had to scrape our jaws off the floor on a weekly basis thanks to all the intense first-time in-person meetings, from a full-fledged happy ending to one girl's plan to help keep her friend on the wagon. So... where are they now? We're happy to announce that Nev and Max will be bringing back many of the unforgettable men and women for a mid-season reunion, that was filmed right here in MTV's New York City studio.

If the teaser below is any indication, the reunion is going to be spilling over with drama to spare. Will Framel and Anthony have worked through their issues? Are Cassie and Gladys still friends? You'll have to tune in Tuesday night at 10/9c to find out how the former online couples are doing these days, but to tide you over, check out the behind-the-scenes images below of the "Catfish" predators and prey who were in attendance!


The Catfishees in attendance: Mike, Anthony, Cassie and Ramon.


The Catfishers who made it out to New York: Gladys, Framel, Kristyn and Loyda.

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