'Rivals II' Poll: Which Teams On The Bubble Could Slide Into Prime Position?


With four missions completed and 12 teams remaining, "Rivals II" is in full swing, and the game's front-runners have really thrown down the gauntlet. Emily and Paula are four-for-four on game days, Zach and Trey have put up a strong showing with two wins, and Marlon and Jordan are really coming through in the clutch. But what about those teams that haven't yet tasted victory? There are plenty out there, and a few are impatiently biting at the top dogs' heels. Could they eventually edge out the front-runners?

Jonna and Nany, for example, have spent three separate weeks just missing out on blue-ribbon finishes, nearly besting Paumily straight out of the gate and then again during "XXX Games" and "Mind Over Splatter." Diem and Aneesa are proving to be sleeper hits in their own right, and were inches away from leaving "Stumped" as the day's champs, while the game's newest duo, Cooke and Cara Maria, look solid and spent the game's third challenge in the runners-up spot. On the guys' side, Leroy and Ty haven't quite come in first but seem to be in sync, and they nearly snatched Jordan and Marlon's first win away from them. They might not be standing atop the group, but these guys aren't messing around.

There are plenty of threats waiting for their time to strike on this season's "Challenge," so tell us who you think could really break the second-place curse and pop up to the top spot!

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