'Catfish' Poll: Did Mike Make The Right Choice To Reconnect With The Remorseful Kristyn?


Like it or not, there are some people out there who just tug on your heartstrings, and Nev and Max's latest "Catfish" hopeful, Mike, broke off a number of potential real-life relationships in favor of his on-again-off-again online love, Kristen. For more than three years, Mike and Kristen developed a relationship without ever meeting face to face, despite living only an hour apart. Though Mike held out hope that the girl he fell for was telling the whole truth, Max and Nev quickly discovered his date's last name was different than the one she'd shared with Mike, and almost immediately, he was ready to write her off.

Unlike a lot of other "Catfish," the real Kristyn (with a "y," not an "e") hadn't lied about much; she'd only fibbed about her last name and appearance. Still, sensing that Mike was angry when he arrived to her doorstep, Kristyn immediately apologized to the man she had duped. She explained that after a terrible car accident had left her bedridden for months, he was the only person that kept her from taking her own life. And even though Mike was initially hell-bent on leaving Kristyn behind for good, he acknowledged her vulnerable honesty, and said he was glad he could have been there for her. He deleted her contact info after their interaction, but two weeks after filming, the Internet couple resumed chatting and remained friends. Was he right to change his tune?

+ Tell us: Do you appreciate Mike's change of heart, or was his first instinct -- to cut Kristyn out entirely -- the right one? Share your opinion in the comments below, and head on over to MTV Act for more on suicide prevention.

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