Love Life DOA? Nikki & Sara Will Make You A 'Bachelor' Contender Yet! [Sneak Peek]


You know what they say: Life's too short not to plaster your inner emotional turmoil all over network television! America's favorite guilty pleasure, "The Bachelor," regularly keeps audiences captivated with tales of overly rehearsed pick-up lines and reliably perverse sex in hot tubs and sleigh beds alike, but if watching the show only depressingly reaffirms your status as a single lady, then have we got some news for you. You know you've been dying to compete against 24 too-tan ladies in sequined gowns for a hunky man's heart while the cameras roll, and Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are here to ensure you land a spot on the next season!

In the below sneak peek of tonight's all-new "Nikki & Sara LIVE," the girls have strung together a curriculum (The Nikki And Sarah Technical Institute For Bachelor Contestants) aimed at helping you become the apple of a Firestone or Rockefeller's eye, and it's as easy as perfecting your sob story or not getting your head severed by a helicopter blade during a romantic ride along the coastline. "You are not here to make friends!" one of the treasured instructors preaches in a class. "You are here to validate yourselves by finding a man!" And with "Collaging Your Feelings" and "Identifying a Girl Who Is Here For the Wrong Reasons" included in the course catalog, students are sure to do just that!

Check out the clip below, and tune in to the great "Nikki & Sara" tonight at 11/10c!

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