Dennis Haskins (aka Mr. Belding) Nails Some 'SBTB' Trivia On VH1's 'Miss U Much' [Video]


Mr. Belding Dennis Haskins at the ESPY Awards.

VH1's "Miss U Much" has seen its fair share of nostalgic moments, but the '90s bubble burst when everyone's favorite principal, the one and only Mr. Belding, made his way to the show on Friday. While an awkward reaction from Tiffani Thiessen would have been the icing on the cake, we're still pretty satisfied that host Catherine Reitman used her time wisely by making Haskins answer some pretty tough questions about "Saved by the Bell."

In this bonus clip from the episode, Haskins gets off to a good start by correctly answering who won the "Miss Bayside" pageant, and even sings a few bars of the song he serenaded Screech with. However, Reitman almost stumps him when she asks which character was head of the graduating class. Smartypants Spano would be the obvious choice, but Belding knows better. "It wasn't Jessie, because she wanted to be valedictorian," he explains. After a few tries, the actor correctly guesses Screech. "I'm so excited. I'm so scared!" he says of the game, quoting the most amazing scene in the history of the show. Yes, even more incredible than The Hot Sundae's music video. Haskins, you sure know your demographic.

Miss U Much - Miss U Much

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Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty