How Will Derek Take The News That His Girlfriend Is The Darach? [Sneak Peek]


Poor Derek. First his long-lost love dies at the hands of a wolf-bite-gone-wrong, and now his new squeeze has been revealed to be a sinister serial killer with a strong appreciation for good grammar.

While we still don't quite understand Jennifer's connection to Deucalion & Co., we can't help but wonder what's up with Darachifer's sexcapades with our favorite blue-eyed Alpha. Is she just using Derek to get to Scott? Everyone seems to want a piece of that wolfy moral compass these days. Perhaps she needs his assistance in her crazy killing spree? Or maybe druids just plum get horny, too. Either way, we have a feeling that finding out her true, psychotic character isn't exactly going to go over well with the unluckiest dude in Beacon Hills, and judging from the "Teen Wolf" sneak peek below, Derek unsurprisingly goes ballistic...until he finds out that Darachifer might be his one shot at saving his slowly deteriorating sister, Cora. And that, friends, is Ms. Blake's lesson on the word leverage.

+ Tell us how you think Derek will respond to the big reveal, and tune in to tonight's all new "Teen Wolf" at 10/9c to see how it all goes down!

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