French Montana Makes Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon's Relationship Fair 'Wild 'N Out' Game [Sneak Peek]


We're four episodes into the new season of "Wild 'N Out," and so far, nobody's held back when it comes to dissing Nick Cannon's rap career (or lack thereof), fashion sense and hosting ability. However, there's one subject close to Nick's heart that many comics may have wanted to mention but haven't had the nerve to bring up...until now. In the sneak peek below, French Montana targets Nick's main squeeze, Mariah Carey, making him either super-brave or super-dumb.

In the clip, Nick introduces the new Trending Topics game and encourages players to speak freely (as they would on Twitter) about made-up hashtags, and French Montana takes the instructions to heart. "Your first hash tag is 'Things old people say,'" DJ D-Wrek announces. "Thank God I married Nick Cannon," French immediately spits out, making light of Nick and Mariah's 11-year age difference. "You mother f**ker!" Nick responds angrily. Uh, pardon Nick's French, but you DON'T mess with Mariah!

+ Check out the sneak peek, and don't miss the all-new episode, Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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