Holland Roden On The Upcoming 'Teen Wolf' Stydia Kiss: 'It Turned Out Better Than I Thought' [Video]


Holland Roden shows off her jumpsuit at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards.

Prim and proper Lydia of "Teen Wolf" is hardly the type to kiss and tell (even if she does the former quite a bit), but the actress behind the recently outed Banshee, Holland Roden, has no qualms with uprooting the dirt on her character's upcoming lip-lock. Since the show's mid-season trailer was released, rabid fans have been more eager than ever to get the nitty-gritty deets on the highly anticipated Stydia smooch, and in Hollywood Life's interview with Holland from the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards, Stiles definitely gets some good word of mouth.

Holland says fans should pencil Episode 11 into their schedules if they want to catch some major Stydia action. She also mentions that, though executive producer Jeff Davis had one idea for the scene in mind, the final cut was a pleasant departure from the blueprint. "It turned out better than I thought," she says. Oh, and as far as all of Lydia's ear drum-ripping screeches? Holland says it's ALL real, and that a vocal coach has recently warned her of the dangers constant strain poses. "I am starting to take voice lessons, actually," she says. Whatever helps keep those pipes in shape to scream at the top of her lungs!

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Photo: AdMedia/Splash News