Beau Mirchoff To Play An Abrasive Jock With A Penchant For Comic Books In New 'Dorks' Flick [Video]


On "Awkward," Beau Mirchoff plays somewhat of a high school anomaly: the popular-but-benevolent athlete, Matty McKibben. For his next film role, though, he'll be channeling a stereotype with which we're all a little bit more familiar: the quintessential jerky jock. In the upcoming comedy "The Secret Lives of Dorks," Beau is slated to play Clark, the football team captain who's dating the school's hottest cheerleader. (Imagine that!) In the Instagram trailer below, he's as big an ass as you might expect, but there's more to him than meets the eye...

When he's not publicly humiliating his lesser classmates while comfortably perched in his convertible, Clark, it turns out, has a secret desire to learn more about comic books. So, naturally, he turns to world-class dork Payton for lessons in all things geekdom. Combine their new-found friendship with Payton's secret obsession with Clark's girlfriend, and we spy a potential confrontation even more uncomfortable than the great Matty vs. Jake battle. Geez, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, OK?

Check out a preview of the movie below, and be sure to mark its premiere date, September 27, in your calendars!

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