That's What You Said...About Maci Bookout's New MTV Special, 'Being Maci'


Maci Bookout and her little guy, Bentley, ring in the Fourth of July.

What's Maci Bookout been up to these days? It's a question fans of "Teen Mom" have been asking since we got our final glimpse at Maci's life when the show ended its fourth and final season last year. Well, after staying mum on the subject for what seems like forever, we were finally able to share some big news: "Being Maci," a new special that'll follow the now 21-year-old "Teen Mom" and her son, Bentley, will air on August 18 at 10/9c. Man, were you guys pumped (so much so that you nearly crashed our servers...but we'll forgive you!).

+ Within minutes, fans flocked to Remote Control and Facebook to share their excitement about getting reacquainted with the girl from Chattanooga. Check out some choice viewer commentary below, and share your thoughts on Maci's return to MTV!

Remote Control:

"Glad to see someone from Season 1 being progressive and positive. Bentley looks like a really beautiful blend of both his parents and hopefully this special will show how they've matured more for the sake of their little man." -- Aliya

"Yay, I love Maci! Cannot wait to see it." -- Megan

"Glad she's got her own show, she is beyond amazing!" -- CeeJay


"I'm so very proud of Maci! She has proven to be an amazing mom and has shown great maturity since becoming a mom. Way to go, girl!" -- Heather W.

"My goodness, I'm an old woman that loves this season of the show! I'm proud of Maci and can't wait to see her again!" -- Valerie B.

"Wow, I just love Maci, the way she handles everything and how she's calm and down to earth." -- S'nenhlanhla Z.

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