'True Life' Check-In: If Surrogacy Doesn't Work, Candace And Chris Plan To Adopt

This weekend's "True Life" explored the stories of two young women with fertility issues who were desperate to get pregnant. We had an opportunity to check in on one of them to find out how her life has changed since filming wrapped -- take a look at the follow-up Q&A below.



What is the timeline of the surrogacy procedure?

We plan on doing the FET procedure in the Fall. Most likely around October. Our surrogate will start the medication process in September. Hopefully, for the next 9 months she will be our extreme babysitter.

Describe how you are dealing with the potential impending parenthood?

We have never had a chance to deal with impending parenthood. Chris and I have never seen a positive pregnancy test, so it is hard to imagine what impending parenthood will actually be like. I am sure it will be like most, a melting pot of emotions: ecstatic, scared, nervous and a bit of naivety. Just like we have with every challenge we've faced, we will continue to share our story and try to help other couples that are going through the same issues. Whether it's something as simple as broken plumbing or -- in this hopeful case -- our bun in her oven, we'll be writing about it in our blog.

What if you get twins?

Twins, triplets, whatever! We would take any of those possibilities. When you have been fighting so hard to just have one, any other children is just a bonus. Chris is certain that all of his hair would fall out if it turns out to be triplets though.

How many kids do you want in all?

We would be happy with one child for sure but we want at least two children. So, if the surrogacy works, we will be looking to adopt a second child. If the surrogacy is not successful then we would be looking to ultimately adopt two children. More than two is tough to say.

What is your backup plan if the surrogacy does not work out for some reason?

Adoption. We were six miles racing full sprint down that road when the possibility of trying surrogacy fell in our laps. We have always talked about adopting a child, even before we knew we had fertility issues.

What advice would you give to other young women struggling with fertility issues? 

Be your own advocate and research. Reach out to others who are in your same shoes. Mostly, know you have a choice in how you live each day through this. You can laugh or you can cry, you can lie on the ground or get up and fight. And we choose to laugh while fighting.

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