Arden Cho Of 'Pretty Little Liars' Will Join 'Teen Wolf' In The Second Half Of Season 3!


Arden Cho lights up the red carpet at the end of 2012.

As if Beacon Hills didn't have enough to worry about with the Alpha Pack running amok, "Teen Wolf" will see a new student -- and possible threat -- played by Arden Cho of "Pretty Little Liars" when the show's second half premieres early next year, according to E!. Sure, we still have some loose ends to tie up with DarachiferDeucalion and Kali's feet, but Cho's highly anticipated entrance will keep Scott and friends on their toes while bringing a completely new culture and supernatural influence to the show.

Cho's Japanese and Korean character is no stranger to Asian mythology, which Executive Producer Jeff Davis said will play a heavy role in this season's next installment. "We're heading into a new mythology based on the Kitsune myth, which some people might know a little bit about," he said at San Diego Comic-Con. "It is a very, very fascinating Japanese shape-shifter myth about the were-fox and the trickster spirit." So cool -- we're totally geeking out! And it seems we're not the only ones.

"So happy right now!! Can't stop smiling :D Eeeeeeeek!" Cho tweeted as news of her casting started to circulate. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go ahead and Google the hell out of the Kitsune myth while we anxiously await Cho's arrival.

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Photo: Arden Cho's Instagram

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