Which New Badass 'Teen Wolf' Chick Has Taken Beacon Hills By Storm?


With expert archer Allison Argent and post-bite Erica considered, Beacon Hills has been host to some pretty kick-ass chicks, but Season 3 has turned them out en masse. As soon as Alpha Kali kicked off her shoes, gritted her teeth and delivered a few choice roundhouse kicks during her first battle, the women of "Teen Wolf" proved they were a force to reckoned with, and have since been making waves throughout the small town. BETTER WATCH OUT!

With Jennifer Blake/the dreaded Darach emerging as the latest fearsome female, we've definitely got a long list of badass babes on the "Teen Wolf" roster. And with Arden Cho on board for the second half of Season 3, it's likely to keep growing. Check out this season's new additions below, and tell us in the poll who's the most formidable of them all!

1KaliKali: As far as villainous vixens go, Kali is tops (and might even give Kate Argent a run for her money, may she rest in peace...). Deucalion's right-hand woman can get into combat mode at the drop of a hat, and let's be honest: You don't want to f**k with someone who's willing to drive a steel pipe through your torso. Solid Halloween costume choice here, folks!

1CoraCora: She's a teenager and a little bit green, but when Cora has any inkling that those close to her are in danger, she sees red and fights until she drops. Derek's long-lost sister didn't know whom she could trust when she reemerged in Beacon Hills, but now that her loyalties to Derek's pack have been decided, she's become one hell of a were-soldier.

1MorrellMs. Morrell: Not every powerful woman demonstrates her authority by means of brute force, and the understated Ms. Morrell serves as proof. Yes, she briefly appeared in Season 2, but it wasn't until this year that we learned what purpose she served, exactly, and as an emissary, her words have been totally invaluable as Scott, Lydia and Stiles continue to figure things out.

1PaigePaige: Derek's first love was a needless casualty of a battle unbeknownst to her, but even in her final moments, Paige was beyond courageous. Even before she and Derek embarked on romantic romps in an abandoned distillery, she asserted herself as someone who wouldn't be taken for granted. The cocky kid had to work his ass off to get Paige -- who was bright and determined -- to give him a shot. 

1JenniferJennifer: Let's go ahead and say it, Ms. Blake is a horrifying creature, and the fact that she's capable of such duplicity compounds just how dangerous she is. Sweet one minute, a demonic monster the next, Jennifer has taken the fearsome female title to the next level, and as her killings continue, she is building up a legacy of bad-assery that will be hard to beat.

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