'Awkward.' Will Officially Return On October 22! Get A Sneak Peek At The Gang's Plan To Save Jenna


Good news: "AWKWARD" WILL BE BACK OCTOBER 22 (see: elated cast)! Bad news: Jenna Hamilton will have regressed into a delinquent by then. But when Valerie Marks' most beloved student starts to turn to the dark side, Val won't give up on her -- she'll just make an ASS (after school special, of course) out of her! As Season 3 picks back up, the usually good egg will become a pot-smoking, back-talking infidel, and in this sneak peek of the upcoming batch of episodes, Val goes to great lengths to reform her standout pupil by directing a video that demonstrates just how toxic she's become (complete with wigs and token voice-overs!).

In an alternate universe in which Sadie Saxton is Jenna Hamilton and Val is her concerned mother, the makeshift improv team applies Jenna's recent horrific behavior to film. "I wasn't always a bad girl, I was just boring and lame," Sadie narrates, taking maybe a little too much liberty with the story (what else is new...). "But lately, I had become a hardcore bitch." Cut to: sleazy kissing in The Sanctuary, toking on asphalt and rolling a J in front of a parental unit. It really sheds light on how awful Jenna's become, but will it convince her to change?

Check out the clip, refresh your memory with the mid-season trailer and stay tuned for the "Awkward" fall premiere on October 22 at 10:30/9:30c!

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