Hold Your Tongue! Check Out 5 Of Knight's Most Insensitive Remarks Since His 'Real World' Days [Video]


Very few people in the "Challenge" house were surprised by Knight's gauche jab at Marlon, as the uncouth joke was the latest in a laundry list of face-palm-inducing moments courtesy of Knight's word vomit. Ever since he stepped foot in the "NOLA," Knight has managed to piss off the people around him the way we believed only unreliable cable providers could, and we don't think he's letting up anytime soon. He didn't learn his lesson after his fling with Jemmye, he's got no problem provoking fights with everyone in the house, and we're willing to bet that there are plenty more cringe-worthy statements to come. Hey, at least he's consistent!

Though Knight's "Rival" Preston seems to be his most reliable target, Preston sure ain't alone. Check out five of Knight's most infamous quotes below, and tell us if the offensive remark you remember best was left off the list. Bear in mind: We've only got room for so much antagonism!

"I wanna f**k other girls, but do I wanna f**k you tonight? Yes!"

Jemmye tried her best to accept Knight's noncommittal ways on "Real World," but could tell he felt tied down by exclusivity. When she offered him the chance to back out of their affair unscathed, she unfortunately opened up the floodgates. Instead of accepting the offer like a gentleman might, Knight took the chance to say something totally lewd. How unlike him!

"Did you see that h**o with the wig on?"

Note to self: Wait until Knight leaves the house to get ready for any party that involves cross-dressing. After catching Preston all dolled up for a Lady Gaga-themed shindig, Knight took it upon himself to inform his roommate that dressing in drag would have made Preston the subject of mockery in Knight's hometown. Preston probably hoped the remark was a one-time thing, but the words were only a preview of insults to come.

"You're a f***ing bitch, Nany. F**k you!"

Late-night, post-bar bus rides are bad enough, but when Knight is a passenger on the drunk taxi, you're in for a real (and mostly unprovoked) tongue-lashing. When Knight arbitrarily picked a fight with Camila, Nany stepped in to help, and drew a flurry of verbal flak from Knight. Oh, and did we forget to mention he'd thrown most of her wardrobe into the pool not long before? Decorum!

"I'd be better off with someone in a frickin' wheelchair."

Critical pre-game analysis is helpful for any successful sports franchise, but Knight's sizing-up of his partner before "Rivals II" even began was pretty much an S.O.S. signal. The team's early interviews in Thailand came off like some deranged, insulting vaudeville act, and Knight managed to disparage the non-ambulatory and Preston in one fell swoop. Kudos!

"I would have to say Preston's biggest strength is his toenail polish."

Kindness! But, hey -- we've still got most of the season to go, and if TJ pulls a MAC challenge out of his hat, Knight will have to eat his words.

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