Snooki And Jionni Show Lorenzo Their Beloved Seaside Heights Boardwalk! [Photo]


Little Lorenzo, taking in the sights. Maybe a ride on the chairlift a bit later?

It was only a few years ago that Snooki met a nice, young gentleman named Bernard at the "Jersey Shore." Eventually the two fell in love and in August of 2012, the couple welcomed their first baby boy into the world. Oh, and she ultimately learned her one-and-only's name was actually Jionni, but we digress. Since Seaside Heights is host to a sizable chunk of Snionni's memories, it's only fitting that they recently shared one of the area's most identifiable spots with their son. So, 'Enzo, meet THE BOARDWALK. Charmed, we're sure!

Perhaps to cope with the reality that summer is half-over, Nicole and Jionni took their little guy on a trip to the famed Garden State beach town recently, and 'Enzo looked completely in awe of his surroundings. "I love this kid!" Jionni tweeted with the photo of the little guy balanced over his shoulder. Is there a bowl of Rivoli's pasta in Lorenzo's future? Perhaps the young family will give boogie boarding another shot before sunset? SO MANY WONDERFUL POSSIBILITIES, and this snapshot is surely one for the scrapbook.

Check out the photo for some smile-inducing saccharin.

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Photo courtesy of @JLavalle5