CT Might Be A 'Challenge' Legend, But He's No Match For A Dirty Diaper [Photo]


Need a diaper change? Uncle CT is on it!

The endurance to scream at one man for nine consecutive hours? He's got it. The ability to strike fear into the hearts of "Challenge" competitors by simply showing up? Check. The boldness to tackle his nephew's dirty diaper while on babysitting duty? Ch -- um, actually, that last one isn't such a sure thing for one Chris Tamburello...

The man, myth and legend, who's more commonly known as CT, finally met his match when his sister's son, Nicky, soiled his latest batch of Pampers, and the result looks like a Hazmat mess. It's a good thing CT always brings his A-game, because judging by the photo above, he definitely needs it. "Do I know how to change a diaper!? Come on now...lil Nicky we got this!!! #babysitting," he wrote on Instagram this morning. Armed with a mask, rubber gloves, bib and goggles, CT looks to be in prime position to tame the beast, but you never know how things are gonna go when there are bodily fluids involved. Either way, the Uncle of the Year award is as good as his!

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Photo: CT's Instagram