The 'Wild 'N Out' Cast Doesn't Understand Corey Holcomb's Weird Sense Of Smell [Bonus Scene]


Just because the comics on "Wild 'N Out" get paid to make fun of people doesn't mean the roasting stops after they've clocked out. The funny men and women certainly have burns to spare, and in this bonus scene, it's "WNO" vet Corey Holcomb who becomes the subject of gossip that sounds like it's right out of "Mean Girls." Don't these guys know how to respect their elders?

When the cast asks newbie Lauren Flans if she's met Corey yet, she makes a keen observation that no one else can deny. "He says weird s**t, right?" Lauren points out to the others. Mikey Day -- who's known Corey since the show's earlier seasons -- agrees, and adds that Holcomb's nose is the root of his strange sayings. "He told me, 'You smell like a library card,'" Mikey says while doing his best impression of the seasoned performer.

Corey's ears must have been ringing, because moments later he steps into the room to ask what all the fuss is about. The cast plays it cool and tries to change the subject, but Doboy can't resist taking one last jab. True to form, Corey retaliates the best way he knows how. "You smell like a Pamper in the microwave," he says. Yeah, that's an aroma we'll be happy to never come across.

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