'Ain't That America' Fans Weigh In On Chris Distefano's Custom Tailoring [Photo]


As far as we're concerned, there's only one universal party rule that everyone should know: Never pass out first...unless you want penises drawn in permanent marker all over your face. However, as irritating as scrubbing away the Sharpied shame may be, know that your friends' gags are amateur compared to the comedy crowd's.

The still above from tonight's episode of "Ain't That America" features "Guy Code" star Chris Distefano caught in the act as he pranks Lil D while he is catching some lil' Zs. Poor guy just wanted to count some sheep! While we're sure the ladies at MTV Style would say that Chris was doing him a favor by cutting up his mustard pants, we're gonna leave it to you to explain what's really going on here, before we find out the real story tonight at 11:30p/10:30c on MTV2.

+ Check out some of the best fan-submitted captions below, and add your own in the comments!


"It's like peeling open an old banana!" -- Justin P.

"'Guy Code' broken" -- Michella B.

"Its neuter season!" -- Chase H.


"Mayweather Vs. Pacquaio" -- mojomoe

"This will teach [you] not to touch my hot pocket again" -- jwcashin23

"He's way too hot to be wearing clothes PERIOD!" -- ash_uh_lay

"I want my urine soaked pants back" -- betsuh

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