Congrats Are In Order! 'Awkward.' Actress Nikki Deloach Has Her First Bun In The Oven [Photo]


Nikki Deloach goes shopping for her very first child, due in October!

Life imitating art, indeed: Nikki Deloach, the pop star-turned-"Awkward" mom, is ready to take on her role as a parent in real life! The actress behind Lacey Hamilton is having a baby boy this October (!), and she didn't waste any time readying the wee one's wardrobe (thumbs up for the football sweatsuit!) at the recent Children's Place Back-To-School event. Consideration? Preparedness? Wow -- she and Mama Hamilton are worlds apart.

Last summer, Nikki told Remote Control that playing a role as "nuanced" as Lacey really opened her eyes to the struggles of motherhood. "I haven't been a mother yet in my own life, and playing this mom on TV has really opened up my mind to what my mother was going through during all of those fights and arguments," she said. Now, we're thrilled she has the chance to put those lessons to practice, and she seems more than ready to do so. "After yrs of dressing my cats in mini, in a few months, I'll have a real life baby of my own to dress." she tweeted. "Who knew buying things in miniature could be so much fun." EMOTIONS.

We think we can speak for everyone when we say, CONGRATULATIONS, NIKKI! Can JT expect a call for that coveted godfather role...?

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Photo: Tom Vickers