Don't Worry, Tyler Hoechlin And The 'Teen Wolf' Darach Are Totally Chummy IRL [Photos]


Who knew Darachs were so good at selfies?

More than a few minds were blown when we found out that the seemingly sweet Jennifer Blake was actually the very evil "Teen Wolf" Darach who's been tearing through Beacon Hills and leaving trios of dead people in her wake. Since the big reveal, the Internet's brightest minds have been going crazy trying to wrap their heads around the news, and more than a few of you are really worried about how it's going to affect Derek. First Paige, now this? The guy just can't catch a break.

While it's safe to expect Derek won't take the news that his love interest is a cold-blooded killer very well, the actors behind the show's newest couple seemed to be as thick as thieves on social media today. The two assured everyone that they, themselves, were perfectly cool with one another in real life, and Tyler Hoechlin and Haley Webb -- who plays Darachifer -- look positively peachy keen in the included photos. As uncomfortable as Haley must have been under all that Darach makeup, she sure looks happy to be in TyHo's arms. Really warms the heart, doncha think?


No lost love between Tyler Hoechlin and Haley Webb!

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Photos: "Teen Wolf"'s official Tumblr 

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