Vinny Who? The 'Wild 'N Out' Jokesters Struggle To Identify The Next Celeb Guest [Video]


Vinny Guadagnino: The Next "Wild 'N Out" champ?

Vinny Guadagnino may have starred on "Jersey Shore," hosted his very own "Show" and penned a New York Times bestselling book, but the "Wild 'N Out" cast is still struggling to figure out exactly who he is (comfortable living under that rock, guys?). Vin will serve as the next celeb guest on Nick Cannon's show, but when we spoke with the rest of the improv experts in the behind-the-scenes clip below, it was clear they hadn't yet done their homework on the next "WNO" target.

"He's a celebrity?" Emmanuel Hudson asks Corey Holcomb in the video. "Was he on YouTube?" Corey asks back. Chico Bean and Karlous Miller agree they only recall one "Shore" superstar, and it sure ain't the Staten Island native. "I know Snooki, because, you know, it's hard not to know her," Chico says. Oh, trust us, we know. And just when it seems like not a single "WNO" comic has any idea who our beloved Vinster is, Timothy DeLaGhetto admits that Vin was his favorite "Shore" mate. "I know he's a DJ, so we'll see how his freestyling skills are," he says. Sigh, Tim, that's Pauly D. Seriously, guys: Google is your friend.

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Photo: Ben Gabbe/ Getty