Ray J Has No Love For The 'Ridiculousness' Of These Clumsy Ladies [Sneak Peek]


Some time ago, a group of women eager to become Ray J's leading lady went on a little VH1 show called "For The Love Of Ray J." The singer renamed the fourteen love-hopefuls prior to the competition for his heart, and after 12 drama-filled episodes, Ray found true romance with a woman he'd dubbed "Cocktail." But what about all the lovely applicants who never made the cut? Thankfully, Rob Dyrdek didn't let 'em fall through the cracks, and in the "Ridiculousness" sneak peek below, he gives them a consolation prize in the form of a humiliating clip reel. Roll it!

In "Ray J Rejects," Rob asks Ray to nickname all the other eligible females the bachelor missed out on during the show's 2 season run. Some have talents for falling off stripper poles, others have talents for falling with absolutely no provocation whatsoever, and one especially determined street dancer just tosses herself into a moving car. "What are you gonna call her?" Rob asks as he watches the woman dust herself off. "Hit and run," Ray replies to everyone's amusement. Yeah, Ray J's still got it.

Check out the rejects in action, and tune in to an all-new "Ridiculousness," Thursday at 10/9c!

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