'Most Dope' Rough Cuts: Mac Miller's Pals Don't Think He's Prepared For A Pet [Video]

Squeezing countless hours of Mac Miller footage into only six "Most Dope Family" episodes was a daunting task for MTV2, and as you'd expect, a lot of great moments didn't make the final cut. But don't worry -- they're not going to waste! While you await the series' return, check in with Remote Control each week for never-before-seen video of the rapper and his pals.


Weeks ago, Mac Miller suffered an existential crisis when he couldn't decide which kind of pooch to purchase, and weeks later the poor, dog-less dude is still struggling. Mac's desire to find the perfect canine companion hasn't changed, and in the "Most DopeRough Cut below, he enlists the help of his homies to aid him in his critical decision making, but they are quick to tell him they don't think he's ready for the responsibility.

"You won't take care of it," Vince Staples says in the clip. Mac's engineer Josh Berg agrees with Vince, and points out how Mac can barely keep his own s**t together. "You were stuffing f**king ribs down the f**king dish disposal," he cites as an example of Mac's immaturity. If Mac can't care for animals when they're already dead, Josh may have a point. However, Mac insists the rib drop was a mere slip-up (literally), and insinuates he could care for a kid if he had to. "You can't! What the f**k?" Vince says, shocked by Mac's claim. "Get a fish," he later suggests. We dub thee, Vince, the voice of reason.

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