In Honor Of Trishelle's Self-Imposed 'Challenge' Exit, Let's Look Back On Her Quitting Predecessors


The image of Trishelle's luggage tumbling down the "Rivals II" walkway perfectly embodies her teammate Sarah's fallen hopes that Trishelle would stick it out for the remainder of the game. After a blowout fight with Aneesa, the "Vegas" poker player decided that enough was enough and left the competition, earning herself a permanent spot on host TJ's blacklist of quitters. And though T's swift exit was a shock -- especially since she'd just come off a second-place finish on "Battle of the Seasons" -- it wasn't so unheard of across the historical landscape of "The Challenge."

From as early as 2002's "Battle of the Sexes," players who haven't been able to stand the heat have chosen to go ahead and slink out of the kitchen (or, in Puck's case, force their way out while wielding a machete). Take a look at all the couldn't-hack-it's below, and tell us whose sudden departure is most memorable.

1ListPuckPuck on "Battle of the Sexes"

One of the game's most infamous players made quite a splash when he freaked out in Jamaica, demanded he get clearance to leave the island with his new bride and threatened anyone who opposed his plans with a machete. A simple please and thank you may work for some, but not the one and only Puck.

1ListEmilyEmily on "Battle of the Sexes"

Long before Paumily stood atop "The Challenge"'s female totem pole, this Road Ruler called the shots. For the better part of "Battle of the Sexes," she was a Top-three performer who had the Inner Circle in the palm of her hand. But once her boyfriend, James, was voted off, she decided to throw in the towel. The girls were pissed, except for Lori, who was suddenly a finalist by default.

1ListBethBeth on "Gauntlet 2" (...and "Inferno 2")

This girl's not so keen on a sequel, eh? Beth up and left "Gauntlet 2" when Aneesa -- who was voted into an elimination round to take her out -- literally scared her out of the game. And, not to be outdone, Beth's second early exit came at the hands of Tonya, who tossed her valuables into the pool, making her so upset she chose to depart Mexico rather than stick around as the social pariah of "Inferno 2."

1ListCameranCameran on "Gauntlet 2"

Before "The Challenge" became a battleground for athletic gladiators, Cameran was the first to admit she was just in it for some fun and a free trip. But when she decided to "sur-cumb" to The Gauntlet rather than compete in the elimination round, TJ tore her apart in what would become the first of many tongue-lashings reserved for quitters.

1ListCoralCoral on "Gauntlet 3"

Coral is one of a select few who's never technically been eliminated from the game, but on "Gauntlet 3," after getting the unfortunate reality check that she was no longer Queen Bee, she gave "The Challenge" the deuces and never returned. Her good friend Evan turned on her when she needed him most, and the pain of his betrayal was presumably worse than that infamous spider bite.

1ListShauvonShauvon on "Cutthroat"

In spite of Shauvon's athletic shortcomings, most of her fellow competitors sympathized when it looked like she'd popped her breast implant on "The Ruins," but when she took the easy way out on "Cutthroat" instead of going up against Katie, they were not as understanding. Shauvon got no love when she quit the game instead of fighting through "Die Hard," and hasn't returned since.

1ListEricBig Easy on "Battle of the Seasons"

Big Easy had fallen short of his teams' expectations on previous shows, but it wasn't until "BOTS" that he deliberately stopped the game, waved the white flag and quit. Camila, his Arena partner, put him on blast when he refused to participate -- effectively sealing her fate, too -- and the flurry of vulgarity she hurled his way was one of the most uncomfortable moments of the season.

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