Nick Cannon Shows Vinny Guadagnino Who's Boss On 'Wild 'N Out' [Sneak Peek]


Vinny on the "Wild 'N Out" stage.

The "Wild 'N Out" Wildstyle has a habit of bringing out the worst in the show's cast, but, so far, the guest captains have been able to hold their own against the ruthless comics. Kevin HartMac Miller and 2 Chainz all had battle experience that helped them fight back, but how will a self-proclaimed mama's boy from Staten Island square off? In this sneak peek, Vinny Guadagnino tries his best to cut down the Platinum Team by going straight for the head of the snake.

In the clip below, when James Davis compares Vin to a "guido version of Tom from MySpace," Vinny brushes him off in favor of a shot at a much bigger target: Nick Cannon. "You got a lot of jobs, you deserve to boast," he starts out. "You know what they say, those who can't do, host!" Er, somehow Vin manages to diss Nick and himself with that one. But don't go after the show's big dog without expecting him to fire back. "You lucky to be here. Where's your four-leaf clover? I just checked my watch, your 15 minutes is over," Nick retaliates. And that's why it's his show, Vin.

Check out the burn in all its glory: Tune in to MTV2 this Tuesday at 11p/10c to catch the full episode!

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Photo: @MTV2