Jillian Rose Reed Taps Into Her Evil Side For A Music Video Shoot [Photos]


Jillian Rose Reed looks ready for intergalactic warfare.

Tamara of "Awkward" has a uniquely quirky style, but even she might not be bold enough to give the getup featured above a shot. Jillian Rose Reed, the actress behind MTV's favorite female sidekick, recently tweeted a few pics from the set of a Ron Pope music video, in which she looks prepared to pull out a "Star Trek" phaser and go "Rambo" on her cosmic enemies' asses. You thought Ricky Schwartz's scorn brought out her dark side? Clearly, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

"I'm having too much fun being evil. #colorexplosions," JRR tweeted from set while covered head-to-toe in what looks like the result of a "Fraggle Rock" massacre. Jill appears to be the sinister leading lady in Ron Pope's new video for "Lick My Wounds," and considering the fierce glare she's offering up, we're willing to bet she's left more than a few bruised and battered in her wake. Val, this is the appropriate time for an intervention, yes?

Check out some more stills from set, and catch the song's lyric video below!


JRR and singer Ron Pope embrace their devious sides.

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Photos courtesy of @JillianRoseReed