Briana Dejesus Of 'Teen Mom 3' Tweets A Darling Pic Of Her Little Diva-In-Training



"Teen Mom 3" hasn't even premiered yet, and already we've seen enough evidence that the tots of seasons past have some big competition in the adorable department -- the new crop of kiddos have serious personality! Recently, Briana Dejesus shared the photo above of her precious daughter, Nova, sporting a caught-by-paparazzi face that rivals the best of the celebs' regularly featured on TMZ. Do we have the next Beyoncé on our hands?

"Nova being a diva," Briana wrote, perfectly describing the pic. Between her fabulous 'do, frilly tutu and sassy stride, Nova has certainly got the makings of a superstar, and it's no wonder: As you've witnessed on "16 & Pregnant" and will see on "Teen Mom 3," the little lady comes from a family of strong, independent women. She's learning from the best! *snaps*

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Photo courtesy of Briana Dejesus' Instagram