That's What You Said...About 'Catfish Feeding Ground' Jessie Morrison


More and more this season, Nev and Max are shining light on the social media users whose photos are snatched up by "Catfish" and used to deceive virtual love-hopefuls. On the latest episode, a woman named Alexis admitted to swiping snapshots from someone she'd never met to construct her fake "Jeszica" account. Remote Control managed to get in touch with Alexis' unknowing victim, Jessie Morrison -- whom Nev and Max uncovered to be a "catfish feeding ground" -- and she was a huge help in explaining the hardships that come along with having your online property stolen.

Whether fans of the show could relate to Jessie's troubles themselves or simply wanted to weigh in on Alexis' scheme, hundreds were compelled to weigh in. Take a look at some of our favorite comments below, and let's keep the conversation going!

Remote Control:

"I have a very photogenic daughter and people catfish her all the time -- they steal her photos and pics and make their own pages, so I know what Jess is going through. It is creepy in a flattering sort of way!" -- Norene

"Who's to say all these fakes aren't ruining her reputation? Not cool. I hope now, with this story, something can be done for this poor girl." -- Pe'e

"Most of the people who are using her pictures are just using them because she looks good and don't mean any real harm by it." -- burciagajessfan


"I think people who create fake profiles or identities should pay a fine, because this is just getting ridiculous." -- Andres M.

"I thought the real girl, Alexis, was so beautiful -- shame that she had to be fake online." -- Lindsey M.

"Can you imagine being so beautiful that you are one of the Internet's most faked girls? That would be pretty amazing, I think." -- Stephanie W.

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