Watch Out, Nick! Vinny Guadagnino's Eyeing Your 'Wild 'N Out' Gig [Video]


Pauly D and Vinny at a Las Vegas nightclub.

With "Wild 'N Out" in the midst of a stellar fifth season, it's safe to say Nick Cannon's role as head honcho is not in peril. However, in this backstage interview, next week's guest captain, Vinny Guadagnino, confesses he might be after more than just the "WNO" championship belt.

Vinny admits that he and former "Jersey Shore" co-star, Pauly D, had hopes of reprising "WNO" long before its recent return. "We were like, 'Yo, Pauly! You can be the DJ, I'll be the host -- let's bring it back!'" he says. Their ol' fist-pump, push-up, ChapStick shtick was a hit, and Vin sprouted some impressive hosting wings on "The Show with Vinny," so Nick may want to sleep with one eye open.

While only one half of the bros will face off Tuesday night, Vin says it'd be "cool" if Pauly could one day compete by his side. Though, after watching this, Nick may wanna put the kibosh right quick on that plan!

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Photo: David Becker/Getty