The Not-So-Scientific Anatomy Of A 'Teen Wolf' Dream Girl


Is it just us, or did the tearjerker tale of Derek's eternally-lost love remind you of another human who won a super-sexy, supernatural beast's heart? Yup, if you found Paige to be a dated version of Scott's one-and-only homo sapien, Allison Argent, you are not alone. Even though Allison doesn't play the cello or have an affinity for mom jeans, the two bear a number of other striking similarities that we think mark the makings of any future Mrs. Teen Wolf.

+ Check out the traits both Allison and Paige possess, below, and let us know if you see the resemblance!

Majorly sassy mouth. You won't find "doormats wanted" on a lycanthrope's OkCupid profile. These dudes need a girl who can keep up with their lightning-fast reflexes, even if it only manifests in their attitudes. Neither Paige nor Allison would ever put up with a werewolf's BS.

Long and flowing brown hair. Toss the curling iron and skip the highlights. And don't even think about cutting your locks into a graduated bob. Werewolves dig brunettes. Point. Blank. Period.

Couldn't-care-less attitude about team sports. Paige practically scoffed at Derek's obnoxious basketball skills, and you'll never see Allison running around with a lacrosse stick. Team sports ain't their thang -- unless, in Allison's case, you count archery and gymnastics. But, when ya think about it, agility and knowing how to hit a moving target are more about survival than being a team player.

Keep a very small circle of friends. Paige eats her lunchtime PB&J all by her lonesome, and you don't exactly see Allison being nominated for prom queen (except maybe by Lydia). A "Teen Wolf" likes to have you all to himself. Probably less liability that way.

Strong rebellious streak. You've got to be willing to sneak out of the house and follow your man wolf into dark, deserted places. Having no fear of detention is a strong plus, especially since these guys have a tendency to visit BHHS after hours. Perfect angels need not apply.

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