'Wild 'N Out' Newbies Chaunté Wayans And DoBoy Discuss Their Famous Names [Video]


Marlon and Shawn Wayans' show, "The Wayans Bros.," is an MTV2 staple, but now the network is paving the way for the next generation to stake their claim on showbiz. The guys' niece, Chaunté Wayans, is a "Wild 'N Out" newbie, and in this backstage interview, she tells us about the pressures of making a name for herself when coming from such a well-known brood.

Chaunté admits comedy fans expect a lot from her because of her famous family. "You got people, like, 'I love the Wayans, I know this is going to be hilarious,' and you just hope you don't get the whomp whomp," she explains. However, despite the story she tells of a set gone bad, Chaunté's managed to make waves in her own right -- even touring with fellow "WNO" alum Katt Williams -- so you know she's got the trademark Wayans funny bone.

And though fellow "WNO" freshman DoBoy says he's glad his moniker doesn't have ties to a Hollywood legacy, it still does derive from a pretty popular film. "When the movie 'Boyz N The Hood' came out, I looked exactly like the young Doughboy," he says. The striking resemblance stuck with him, and the rapper's used it to his advantage ever since.

Check out the full clip to hear DoBoy's sick "WNO" freestyle!

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