Move Over, Morgan Freeman! JR Bourne's Voice Is Everything On The 'Teen Wolf FANtastic Show' [Video]


A werewolf's growl might give you the shivers, but "Teen Wolf" actor JR Bourne's voice is so powerful it can silence a crowd. On this week's episode of the "FANtastic Show," the man behind the Argent family's patriarch stopped by to catch up with co-hosts Shantal Rhodes and Tyler Oakley on the latest from Beacon Hills (you know, the serial-killing spree du jour and all), but as soon as he opened his mouth to greet them, the superfans needed to catch their breath.

"Your voice is just..." Shantal begins in the video below, but before he can finish the sentence, Tyler fills in the blank. "Angelic!" After they collect themselves -- which does take a minute -- the duo dive right into the changing face of the friendships and alliances on "Teen Wolf," and JR says he's happy for the chance to act alongside new people. "It's great for the simple fact that I've never had anything to do with them before," he says of Chris Argent's relationships with the town's other parents, adding that there's something "kind of fun" about the character's growing partnership with the wolves, too. Still, JR's a little bit confused as to how Chris is keeping it all together, considering all his character has been through.

"I should be, like, throwing my doodie all over the place," he says of Chris. Not so fast, JR. This is "Teen Wolf," not "Rise of the Planet of the Apes."

Check out the entire "FANtastic Show," and silently wish JR Bourne could narrate your life.

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