Why Can't This Live-Action 'Daria' Trailer Be A Real Thing? [Video]


Two years ago, MTV nostalgia-fiends elected Aubrey Plaza of "Parks and Recreation" to play everyone's favorite high school outcast, Daria Morgendorffer, in a fantasy live-action flick, and apparently, the clever folks at CollegeHumor agreed with your choice. The site has just released a mock trailer for "Daria: High School Reunion," and it's so good it deserves a feature-length movie Kickstarter campaign!

In the video below, Aubrey dons the green jacket and glasses that have spawned many a Halloween costume and travels back to Lawndale High at the behest of her sister, Quinn, who, though younger than Daria, managed to weasel her way into becoming the president of the LHS reunion planning committee (hopefully Sandi, Tiffany and Stacy serve as underlings!). As far as Daria's friends go, Jane Lane has...a baby...and a much, um, plumper Trey is back together with Mystik Spiral and playing local gigs, including the Class of 2002 reunion. There are few things in this world we'd want to see more than Daria in her late 20s, and while we've speculated about it before, to think it could actually become a reality gives us the shivers! CollegeHumor: Get. It. Done.

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