Sarah's 'Rivals II' Exit Was A Blessing In Disguise! Check Out Her 'Eat, Pray, Love' Post-Game Adventure [Photos]


Something smells good! Sarah learns the local cuisine of Thailand.

Sarah's tearful "Rivals II" ousting was a bit of unfortunate history repeating itself for the sunshiny competitor, but you might be relieved to learn she at least got one hell of a consolation prize. After her partner Trishelle up and left the game, and Sarah was forced to follow suit, the "Real World: Brooklyn" export got the chance to experience her own personal "Eat, Pray, Love" Renaissance with a trip around beautiful Thailand, including cooking lessons with locals and some picturesque hiking. JUST LOOK AT THAT CURRY!

"So you know what happened after I left that house? I went rock climbing and snorkeling around Thailand for a month!" Sarah tweeted, adding that her culinary instructor, Kwan, was "sweetest little lady ever!" Hey, it takes one to know one, and in the "Rivals II After Show" clip below, Sarah's defends her hope for human decency in a "Challenge" world, and says she still finds it odd that striving for mutual respect is met with such resistance on the show. "Is it really that f***ing terrible for me to expect human beings to be nice to each other, or for me to want to deliver that message?" Sarah pleads. Keep your chin up, S!

Check out the photos of Sarah's trip, and try not to be too jealous!


Sarah's tears melted away during her Thailand travels.

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Photos courtesy of @SarahRiceMTV