Was It Fair For TJ To Send Sarah Packing After Her 'Rival' Quit?


Sarah's got some s**t luck, huh? After her "Challenge" rival, Trishelle, got into it with Aneesa, the "Real World: Las Vegas" alum decided to cut short her stint as the house pariah, leaving her teammate in the dust. "I hate quitters," Sarah said as she wandered the Thailand abode searching for Trishelle, who had already packed up her things and peaced out.

You know who else hates quitters? TJ Lavin. And even though Sarah had absolutely nothing to do with Trishelle's temper tantrum and subsequent departure, the host ruled that she had to pay for her egghead partner's behavior. "This is, like, the story of my life," lamented Sarah, who had been down the same road before on "Battle of the Exes."

Some might consider Sarah's dismissal unfair since, just two weeks prior, Cooke was provided a new teammate after Naomi left to deal with a family emergency. And there was that time during the first season when Leroy's rival, Adam, got sent home for fighting but was immediately replaced by Mike. How come Sarah didn't get the same deal? Maybe she's just cursed...

+ Regardless of how much Sarah cried, as noted by Chris and Carly of "Girl Code" in the "Screening Roomclip below (and boy, does she cry...like, a lot... SERIOUSLY), no tears could get her out of this jam, and we couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl. Do you guys think it was unfair for her to get sent home? Take our poll and sound off!

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