Tyler Hoechlin Of ‘Teen Wolf’ Could Be The Latest MTV Movie Star-In-The-Making [Video]

You can always count on MTV for a good dose of “Challenge” drama or guidette hijinks, but our humble home has also recently become a breeding ground for bona fide movie stars, with Tyler Hoechlin possibly being the latest addition to an expanding list of network talent landing sought-after film roles. He already shared screen time with Tom Hanks in “Road To Perdition,” but the “Teen Wolf” star is in talks to potentially play THE Bruce Wayne in the next “Batman vs. Superman” franchise, according to Cosmicbook News. Needless to say, THIS WOULD BE HUGE.

If Tyler does manage to spread his wings as Gotham City’s reliable hero, he’ll be in great company on the big screen. Take a look at some MTV stars — including a fellow “Teen Wolf” actor — who have recently made similar splashes in Hollywood, and keep your fingers crossed for TyHo!

Nolan Funk:
A starring role alongside Lindsay Lohan? Not so bad. The newest guy around the “Awkward” set can be seen in “The Canyons,” which will be released in August and features Sir Funk as a young actor named Ryan who’s obsessed with Lohan’s character, Tara. What happens beyond that? We’ll have to wait and see, but rumor has it there’s a certain shiny Speedo involved…. Check out the trailer, below, as well as the exclusive new movie poster.

Molly Tarlov
The “Awkward” actress traded in Sadie Saxton’s signature bitchy bites to take a walk on the sweeter side with a role as Sophie in the Tribeca Film Festival success story, “G.B.F.” Her character is a loyal friend to the movie’s titular gay high school student, and Molly’s nothing short of a scene-stealing S-T-A-R.

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