'Challenge' Poll: Was Knight's Gay Joke Totally Tasteless, Or Is Marlon Too Sensitive?


Knight's crude jokes can usually slide, but on tonight's episode of "Rivals II," he had very few people in his corner after a cheap shot at Marlon's bisexuality blew up into a scuffle. "I would pay to see Marlon knock Knight's ass out," Jemmye said, and in the "Challenge: Screening Roomclip below, Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilino of "Girl Code" pretty much agree...you know, when not fixated on the physique of the involved parties.

"Oh, wow: Knight's got decent biceps!" Chris says as he and his GF watch the footage back, but she's a little bit more invested in the context of the argument (sort of). "If your name's Knight, you deserve to be slapped," Carly jokes of the heated shouting match, and maligns Ryan not only for his bad behavior, but for the fact that his mock-bl**-job joke wasn't even clever. "You just made fun of a gay guy, and you didn't even do it right," she says.

+ Check out the clip for all of the "Code" couple's commentary, then take our poll and tell us whether or not you think Marlon was right to explode.

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