His Brother's Take On The 'Catfish' Sitch Forces Dorion To Defend His Two-Timing Ways [Bonus Scene]


A game of pool wouldn't be complete without a few barbs tossed between opponents, but when Dorion takes on his brother, Phillip, and friend, Jarell, in the "Catfish" bonus scene below, he's the only one playing defense. Nev and Max try to get a better understanding of Dorion's dating philosophies from his buddies, and Phillip is all too happy to oblige, admitting he thinks Dorion is a hopeless romantic who will probably end up dating neither of his love triangle's other two points.

"I hope she real, so he can stop complaining," Phil tells the love detectives after the 8-ball is finally sunk. "He's somebody who falls in love too quick; he's a clingy person and he gives his heart out too easy." What irks Phillip and Jarell most, though, is the fact that Dorion is so willing to risk Raffinee's commitment for a woman who might not even be real. "If I was a girl, and I had a dude, and he's goin' on 'Catfish' to find another girl, I'll say, 'What is the point of going on 'Catfish' if you with me?'" Phillip explains. Yikes, anyone have a spare tourniquet for all the friendly fire Dorion just took?

For more of Phillip and Jarell's take on Dorion's situation, check out the full clip!

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